Industries, in which we brought our customer expected success:

Technical capital goods

Axles, aluminum casting, equipment technology/equipment construction, auxiliary equipment, sheet metal, CNC controls,ferric-wiring, electronic construction units and components, spring steel wire, finished concrete plates, fitting, conveying engineering, transmission, foundry supplying products, hydraulics, industrial building, industrial finishings, chains, hardware, senior care industry, plastic products, lacquers, storage engineering, truck transmission, mechanical engineering, medical technology equipment, measurement engineering, metal hardening, building of furnaces, park banks, pipeline construction, control technology, switchgear cabinets, anchor, closing systems, screws, safety engineering, solar technology, stamping, fuel, technical lubricants, connecting and clamping systems, galvanization, laundry technology, valve technology, roller casting, tool coating, hotel and catering industry.


Senior care, automobile design, car dealership, computer consultation, power supply business, calibration, art exhibitions, logistics, material testing, personnel recruitment agency, private health insurance, forwarding agency, steel trade, insurance office, education, trade associations.

Consumer Goods

DOB, smell spray, vehicle tires, colors and lacquers, food, cosmetics, cleaning agents, liquor, detergents.